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I build things with statistics, code, and prose.

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How to Tell When You Have Enough Data to Act

Statistical principles for decision making

6 Minute Read

Marketing Attribution for Fun and Profit

How to measure whether your marketing is profitable

15 Minute Read

How to Analyze Your Predictable Data: Anomaly Detection

Noticing unexpected observations among an ocean of expected ones.
Featured on and @analyticbridge.

5 Minute Read

Customer Retention with Statistical Learning

Predicting if customers plan to leave and finding the best intervention

5 Minute Read

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Probability Distribution Family Tree

How probability distributions are related

US Federal Outlays & Receipts

It’s how they say spending and income.

How the US Budget Changes

Received the “Deep Thought Badge” and Honorable Mention in Google & Eyebeam’s Data Visualization Challenge.

TED Views Predictor

A predictive model that uses the title, topic, and publish date of TED talks to estimate the number of times they will be viewed.

Genetic Prediction Algorithm

A program that evolves a prediction model for a given data set.

Bayesian Link Aggregator

A website that ranks links based on votes. It aims to learn the most from each vote by selecting which articles visitors vote on and using a Bayesian estimator.

Interesting hack for following a topic HN-style […]

Hilary Mason (@hmason), Data Scientist in Residence at Accel

I presently work as a Data Science Lead on a remote team.

I have a masters in Applied Statistics and have been excitedly coding for over a decade. My specialties include Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Probabilistic Programming, and NLP.

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